If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you're not alone!

A good MS diet is vital to keeping your MS symptoms in check. I’d love to share your journey as we tackle MS together!

Raw MS Diet & Cacao Covered Nuts

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This recipe was inspired by a week of eating only raw food. It is just a delicious treat and a break from the salads and smoothies. I feel fantastic when I’m eating this way. Raw food contains so many more enzymes and nutrients than cooked food and your body just soaks them up and uses them for healing. Before I share this recipe with you, I want to tell you about why embarked on this raw adventure. There were three main reasons. (more…)

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Turmeric: Can It Help Manage MS Symptoms?

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Turmeric, to many of us, is just a spice that we keep at the back of our spice cupboards and add to curries every now and then. Few have discovered the real value of this bright and beautiful root!  In terms of flavour, it adds a lovely peppery, warm and slightly bitter flavour that compliments spicy dishes beautifully. It’s super for spicing up meals, but did you know that turmeric can actually help to improve your MS symptoms? Recent research has revealed that it has some potent healing qualities that can aid recovery in a number of conditions, including MS and cancer.

Eating it regularly also helps to prevent such illnesses from arising in the first place. Studies have found that communities which consume turmeric on a daily basis, such as those in India, have a very low incidence of MS. It is clear that this happy spice has neuroprotective and healing effects and can be highly beneficial for people with MS.

In this post, I would like to explore the specific benefits of turmeric for MS and explain how, including it in your MS diet it works to aid recovery. I am also going to delve into the wealth of research that has been recently conducted on turmeric as a health aid. Lastly, we’ll have a look at what forms of turmeric are best to use to receive it’s maximum benefits. (more…)

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Healing The Gut to Reduce MS Symptoms: Five Strategies

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Most of you will have heard the famous quote by Hippocrates, ‘All disease originates in the gut’. Is this really true? Can it be as simple as this? Hippocrates said this over 2000 years ago and we only seem to be rediscovering the importance of a healthy gut now! Most of the serious diseases, in the Western world today, are strongly correlated with the type of food consumed. Countless research studies have revealed that populations who stick to a more natural, less processed diet have a very low incidence of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and, of course, MS and other autoimmune diseases. However, these illnesses are rampant in societies who live on processed, sugar and fat-filled food.

It’s All About What We Put In Our Mouths

We seem to be completely unaware of what happens to our food once we have swallowed it and our tummies are nice and full. We have no idea that our body now has the mammoth task of synthesising nutrients, storing fat, balancing sugar levels and trying to excrete the waste. It tries its best to use the food we give it to keep us healthy. But how can it do this when it all it gets is junk? So, what happens to the poor tummy? Unfortunately, the unhealthy food starts to damage the gut by causing inflammation. The balance of bacteria is thrown out of whack and this is when you wonder why you are feeling so bloated and uncomfortable. You might be constipated or experience chronic diarrhoea as the body starts to reject the junk. (more…)

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Raw Sun-dried Tomato Pesto – The Perfect MS Diet Snack

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The Buzz

I’m always on the look out for condiments or ingredients that are going to make my meals yummier and scrummier! It’s not that I don’t absolutely love the taste of my beautiful, natural food. However, there are times when a little extra something special is required. That is why I adore this pesto recipe. It makes a great accompaniment to salads, steamed veggies, fish and pasta! It’s also a super dip for snacks such as carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, rice cakes and oat cakes.

I usually make a whole lot and then freeze half of it because it doesn’t keep for too long. You will always want to have a steady supply of this lovely stuff in your fridge and freezer. It defrosts very quickly too so you don’t need to take it out long before you want to enjoy it.  (more…)

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Protecting Our Kids From MS

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Gracie North is our guest blogger for this post and she has written a creative and inspiring article about how we can best help our children to stay healthy. She is living with MS and is committed to providing the best possible diet and lifestyle for her children. It is her hope that, by taking these steps, she will be able to play a role in drastically lower the chances that they will also develop MS.

Children are unpredictable and fussy little characters. Getting the right nutrients into them can be a challenge. It is often exasperating to prepare a beautiful and nutritious meal only to have their little noses turned up at it.  My children are no exception. They have their fruit and vegetable blacklist. Often I have to ‘incentivise’ them to eat their veggies. One piece of chocolate for broccoli in the tummy, even though I kind of feel that they cancel each other out! I am, however, finding clever tricks that don’t involve bribery and corruption! For instance, I have discovered that they really enjoy fruit smoothies. I freeze some banana and blend it with a variety of berries and they think it is the best thing since sliced bread! I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t notice if I put  a few spinach leaves in there too! They help me make it which allows them to feel part of the process.

Anyway, enough from me! Over to you Gracie! (more…)

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Preparing To Go Gluten-Free – Let’s Do This!

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Excluding gluten from my diet has been one of the best lifestyle decisions I have ever made. I say this with all the confidence and joy that I have. It truly has given me a new lease on life. Instead of feeling sluggish and slow at many points in my day, I feel sprightly and energetic. My mind is clear and my emotions are stable. I am less irritable with my children and am more available to them and my husband mentally and emotionally. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I also KNOW that my MS symptoms have improved and that my gut is healthier.

If you have read part one of this topic,’ Gluten’s Role in Brain Inflammation and MS Symptoms‘, You will know the scientific facts about what gluten can do to your body. This sticky protein actually causes an auto-mimmune response. As MS’ers this is something we avoid at all costs. Gluten is inflammatory for the body and when too many inflammatory foods are eaten, disease can start to develop. Gluten is also addictive, causes weight gain and has even been linked with pre-diabetes. The scary thing is that even, if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity now, the chances of you developing one over the years is quite high.

Gluten has a sneaky way of making its way into nooks and crannies it shouldn’t and this is when the body starts saying, enough is enough. Celiac disease now affects 1 in every 133 people in the western world. There has also been a 400 fold increase in CD in the last 50 years as we have become a ‘wheat focused’ society. The gluten sensitivity statistics are far higher with some estimates being 1 in 2 people are affected.

I’m not going to rehash all that was said in the previous post because this article is all about helping you get rid of gluten. It is no easy task to stop buying and eating staple foods that you have always had in your house. These foods have been your friends and saying goodbye to them is hard. However, when you start to realise how good you feel when you are not eating them then you will stop missing them very quickly and you will never be tempted to take another bite. Here is a brief reminder of which foods contain gluten and which don’t. (more…)

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