If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you're not alone!

A good MS diet is vital to keeping your MS symptoms in check. I’d love to share your journey as we tackle MS together!

Raw Oat & Pecan Crunchies

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In South Africa, home made crunchies are a big thing. Most people have a constant supply in their kitchen cupboards. They’re kind of like the UK equivalent of flapjacks but thinner and crunchier! They usually consist of oats, flour, butter and lots of sugar. They can be eaten plain or iced with the most delicious chocolate icing. They’re amazing but so unhealthy! All that gluten, cooked fat and sugar would send my body systems into chaos. A major meltdown would occur! (more…)

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A Story of Recovery

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It completely makes my day, no my week, when someone writes in to tell me about the health strides they have made through following the MS diet. These women are seeing the results they so desperately want to see because they are one hundred percent committed to this way of life. They are disciplined and motivated and that is what it takes to get back to a place of health and vitality. They also report that when they start veering off track again (which can so easily happen) their symptoms start to return and their health starts to decline. Such is the power of food and a healthy routine. (more…)

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MS Diet Key: Eat While The Sun Shines

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Young girl with green apple

We’ve all heard the expression, make hay while the sun shines but have you ever heard of ‘Eat while the sun still shines.’? It’s an actual health principle that I have never heard of but stumbled upon by accident. During the day, when the sun shines, our bodies work hard at digesting food and assimilating nutrients. This takes a huge amount of energy and tasks such as cleansing and reconstruction take a backseat. At night, when the sun goes down, the body turns it’s focus towards the very important processes of cleaning and healing itself.

This is a natural cycle that we frequently resist. How often do we only sit down to eat our evening meal at 9pm or have a midnight feast when we get back from a night out? Paul Nison, the author of, ‘The Daylight Diet’ says that there is a direct connection between our eyes and our digestive system. ”When sunlight hits the optic nerve, electrical impulses are transmitted, activating many processes of the body, including digestion. Nerve impulses send messages that tell the body to produce certain enzymes, gastric juices, and other processes of digestion.” (more…)

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Nutty Vegan Cheese

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2015-07-05 20.28.49

My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. It’s been a decade of ups and downs, two children and a lot of craziness but we’re still together! We decided to mark this milestone by having a second honeymoon on the island of Malta. Instead of being excited about it, I was actually really stressed and tense! I had never left the kids for so long and even though I knew they would be fine with their amazing Granny, there were so many concerns that kept niggling at the back of my mind. Well, I needn’t have wasted time worrying because they were absolutely fine and we had the most heavenly time. It was just so nice to have a break from being Mom, cook, cleaner, entertainer and taxi for five whole days! We lazed around the pool, swam in the turquoise sea and slept! We also did a few more active things like para-kiting and mountain biking. Awesome!

Foodwise, it was a bit tricky at times. Luckily they had a great beach cafe, ‘Pebbles’, that offered fresh fruit smoothies. Pebbles was my saving grace for sure! I had a smoothie every morning for breakfast and for my mid afternoon snack – instead of ice-cream. They even let me mix in my own nuts so that I could make the breakfast smoothie more substantial. Such friendly people! (more…)

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Staying Well With Olive Leaf Extract

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olive branch

Staying germ-free and being healthy enough to fight off microscopic invaders is of the utmost importance for people with MS. A simple head cold will cause inflammation in your body or could even bring on a relapse. I’m sure many of you have experienced a worsening of your symptoms whilst fighting a cold or flu. You already feel at your worst and then you begin to feel the old MS symptoms coming back or even a few new ones sneaking in.

I have been impressed and amazed at how effectively my body handles germs since I started this way of eating. Having two young children who are always picking up germs, I am constantly exposed to this threat to my health. Often I will start to feel a few symptoms – scratchy throat or tiredness but within a day or two they’ve completely dissipated. My body wacks those germs over the head and sends them running! I owe this to the plant based diet I eat and to two secret weapons. The first one is BarleyLife, which I have written about in a separate post. The other is Olive Leaf Extract – my new best friend! (more…)

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Creating Lasting Change With The MS Diet (Podcast 5)

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businesswoman hands holding sign with it starts with you

It’s your first week on the MS Diet and you are fully committed to making it work. In your mind, this is it! No going back to your old ways. This is how you are going to stay well with MS. You’ve bought all the food, planned all the meals and are ready to roll! A few days into your new healthy lifestyle, you hit a stressful patch and that cake in the office kitchen starts calling your name. Oh dear!

Or, it’s your first weekend on the MS diet and your friends invite you to meet up for dinner. There is absolutely nothing on the menu that you could safely eat and you end up eating something gluten and dairy filled so that you don’t make your friends feel awkward. Plus, you’re starving because you forgot to eat before you came! Uh Oh.

Cracks start forming and your new found motivation takes a dive. You find yourself back in your old ways again. (more…)

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