If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you're not alone!

A good MS diet is vital to keeping your MS symptoms in check. I’d love to share your journey as we tackle MS together!

Staying Well With Olive Leaf Extract

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olive branch

Staying germ-free and being healthy enough to fight off microscopic invaders is of the utmost importance for people with MS. A simple head cold will cause inflammation in your body or could even bring on a relapse. I’m sure many of you have experienced a worsening of your symptoms whilst fighting a cold or flu. You already feel at your worst and then you begin to feel the old MS symptoms coming back or even a few new ones sneaking in.

I have been impressed and amazed at how effectively my body handles germs since I started this way of eating. Having two young children who are always picking up germs, I am constantly exposed to this threat to my health. Often I will start to feel a few symptoms – scratchy throat or tiredness but within a day or two they’ve completely dissipated. My body wacks those germs over the head and sends them running! I owe this to the plant based diet I eat and to two secret weapons. The first one is BarleyLife, which I have written about in a separate post. The other is Olive Leaf Extract – my new best friend! (more…)

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Creating Lasting Change With The MS Diet (Podcast 5)

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businesswoman hands holding sign with it starts with you

It’s your first week on the MS Diet and you are fully committed to making it work. In your mind, this is it! No going back to your old ways. This is how you are going to stay well with MS. You’ve bought all the food, planned all the meals and are ready to roll! A few days into your new healthy lifestyle, you hit a stressful patch and that cake in the office kitchen starts calling your name. Oh dear!

Or, it’s your first weekend on the MS diet and your friends invite you to meet up for dinner. There is absolutely nothing on the menu that you could safely eat and you end up eating something gluten and dairy filled so that you don’t make your friends feel awkward. Plus, you’re starving because you forgot to eat before you came! Uh Oh.

Cracks start forming and your new found motivation takes a dive. You find yourself back in your old ways again. (more…)

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Green Vegetable Salad & Basil Dressing

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Green, green and more green! That’s what this salad is all about. No, it’s not your traditional green salad of lettuce leaves and tomatoes. It embraces three, nutrient dense, green veggies. Introducing (drum roll please):

The long stemmed broccoli

The thinly sliced courgette/zucchini

The melt in your mouth asparagus

These veggies are cooked and cooled and then smothered in a rather delicious basil, olive oil and garlic dressing. I just love the flavours contained in this dish. They are fragrant and clean.

The thing about eating green veggies is that they contain chlorophyll which actually increases the oxygen level in your blood. This gives you more energy and helps your body to function more efficiently. More healing and toxin removal can also take place. (more…)

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My Progress. My MS Diet

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I have recently returned from a four week stint in sunny South Africa. What a unique and special part of the world! I hadn’t seen my family in two years and it was time for a much needed catch up. It was an incredible time of special family moments and soaking up loads of vitamin D. The kids rolled down grassy slopes, swam in outside pools, played with their cousins and were read to by their enthusiastic Uncle Dan. Pure bliss. I had hoped to write a few posts while I was away but time eluded me. I did, however, discover and try out some amazing recipes – all of which will be making an appearance on the blog very soon. My favourite was Roasted Veggies tossed in sun-dried tomato pesto on a bed of brown rice. So tasty! I also fell in love with a Brown Rice Moussaka that I discovered at a vegan restaurant called Leafy Greens. It’s basically just brown rice with stir-fried, grated carrot and onion, topped with a coconut cream sauce. Full recipes will be posted soon, I promise! I also had some delicious strawberry cheese cake at Leafy Greens – dairy, gluten and sugar-free). Wow, what a treat.

thumb IMG 1354 1024 My Progress. My MS Diet


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Episode 4: Interview with Matt Embry

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Matt Embry Image.3 Episode 4: Interview with Matt Embry

I’m super excited to introduce Matt Embry – founder of MS Hope. I recently had the privilege of chatting to Matt about his MS and the way he has eradicated the illness from his body and life. Food, exercise and supplements have been his treatment and today he can proudly say that he is symptom free. He leads a busy and fulfilled life and starts each day in the gym!

His dynamic and informative website, MS Hope was launched a couple of months ago and is achieving huge attention worldwide. Matt uses four short, but meaty videos to communicate the keys to staying well with MS. He brings this way of living down to earth, making it practical and achievable.

I hope you enjoy listening!

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Spinach & Wild Rice Soup

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I am continually amazed at the versatility of spinach. I eat it in salads, throw huge handfuls in my smoothie and steam it as a side for my salmon. It’s also great in a soup with delicious wild rice! It is one of the most plentiful sources of plant protein which is surprising but true! Does anyone remember good old ‘Popeye the Sailor-man’? He was kinda weedy and skinny in his cartoon but when it came to saving his lady, Olive Oyl, he would pull out the big guns … a tin of spinach! After glugging down the spinach, his muscles would suddenly triple in size and he would be able to knock over the naughty Bluto (who was a lot bigger than Popeye) with one blow! Astonishing.

Even though this is a slight exaggeration, there is definitely some truth to it. Spinach will make your body stronger and healthier – there is no doubt about that! And, it will help you to defeat the Bluto in your life – MS. (more…)

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