If you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you're not alone!

A good MS diet is vital to keeping your MS symptoms in check. I’d love to share your journey as we tackle MS together!

Preparing To Go Gluten-Free – Let’s Do This!

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Excluding gluten from my diet has been one of the best lifestyle decisions I have ever made. I say this with all the confidence and joy that I have. It truly has given me a new lease on life. Instead of feeling sluggish and slow at many points in my day, I feel sprightly and energetic. My mind is clear and my emotions are stable. I am less irritable with my children and am more available to them and my husband mentally and emotionally. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I also KNOW that my MS symptoms have improved and that my gut is healthier.

If you have read part one of this topic,’ Gluten’s Role in Brain Inflammation and MS Symptoms‘, You will know the scientific facts about what gluten can do to your body. This sticky protein actually causes an auto-mimmune response. As MS’ers this is something we avoid at all costs. Gluten is inflammatory for the body and when too many inflammatory foods are eaten, disease can start to develop. Gluten is also addictive, causes weight gain and has even been linked with pre-diabetes. The scary thing is that even, if you don’t have a gluten sensitivity now, the chances of you developing one over the years is quite high.

Gluten has a sneaky way of making its way into nooks and crannies it shouldn’t and this is when the body starts saying, enough is enough. Celiac disease now affects 1 in every 133 people in the western world. There has also been a 400 fold increase in CD in the last 50 years as we have become a ‘wheat focused’ society. The gluten sensitivity statistics are far higher with some estimates being 1 in 2 people are affected.

I’m not going to rehash all that was said in the previous post because this article is all about helping you get rid of gluten. It is no easy task to stop buying and eating staple foods that you have always had in your house. These foods have been your friends and saying goodbye to them is hard. However, when you start to realise how good you feel when you are not eating them then you will stop missing them very quickly and you will never be tempted to take another bite. Here is a brief reminder of which foods contain gluten and which don’t. (more…)

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Getting Struck by Lightning & Other Tips for MS Symptoms, I Refuse to Try . . . and What Truly Works!

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Ladies, I am honoured to introduce a fellow MS’er who truly has overcome her illness, Bethany Hayes. She is an inspirational example of determination and perseverance. She was diagnosed with MS eleven years ago and at one stage she used a wheelchair to get around. Now, she has her mobility back and she even hikes! Bethany has taken the bull by the horns and has completely changed her diet and lifestyle. She shares her story with us, her top tips for staying well and information about a very interesting supplement she takes which she feels has been one of the main keys to her recovery. Over to you Bethany!

Bethany’s Revelation

So you’re reading this article on a website designed for women with M.S. I’m guessing you and I are in the same boat, and I don’t have to tell you what it’s like to have M.S. (Phew! I’m so glad! Because you also know how impossible it is to explain!)

You’re also familiar with the feel of this boat. You know the ramifications of being in the boat. And you’ve heard several recommendations for how to get out of the boat. Or at least how to make it more comfortable. Early on, I heard of a man who got struck by lightning, and he was cured of his M.S. Not going to try that. But thank you for the suggestion! (more…)

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Gluten’s Role in Brain Inflammation & MS Symptoms

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My Gluten Revelation

I first started to realise that my body reacted negatively to gluten when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Up until that time, I had been consuming a decent amount of gluten containing foods: toast for breakfast, biscuits for morning tea, sandwiches for lunch, more biscuits in the afternoon and pasta for dinner or meat with gluten containing sauces. Instead of giving me the energy I needed to get on with my day, I actually noticed that these foods made me feel sluggish and lethargic. After lunch, I often had to put my head down on my desk for a few minutes because I was so exhausted that I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. At home, I always had to scrape myself off the couch to do the dishes, laundry or cleaning. When I didn’t have work or friends to distract me, I actually felt quite depressed at times. I had no idea that an insidious process was at work. 

Literally, a week after I stopped eating gluten containing foods, I felt like a blanket had been taken off my head. I felt free, energetic and able to think clearly. The brain fog that had been affecting my clarity of mind, concentration and memory lifted and I felt like a different person. The change was quite dramatic. I had also given up sugar and dairy so that also contributed to my new feeling of wellbeing. Such is the power of food that heals! I wasn’t perfect in those early days of the MS diet and I often found that I couldn’t resist that piece of cake or pastries at parties. I told myself that I deserved a treat because I had been so disciplined. About half an hour after I eaten these foods I felt disoriented, slow and very tired. I didn’t feel like interacting with people anymore and just wanted to go home! I learnt my lesson quite quickly and started bringing my own gluten-free treats to a social gathering where I knew I would be tempted.  (more…)

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MS Diet Alternatives to Animal Protein

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Getting enough protein seems to be an elusive goal that we are all trying our best to reach everyday. I get quite a few panic stricken emails from ladies wondering how on earth they are going to get enough protein from the MS diet. I mean, how is it even possible without meat and dairy! I can sense the hopeless worry in their tone and try to show them that their daily protein requirements can be more than fulfilled by eating the foods on the MS diet. Meat can be replaced by a variety of foods including fish, nuts, vegetables and even fruit! Milk can be replaced by almond, rice or coconut milk. Cheese can even be replaced by making cashew cheese. I have even come across coconut yoghurt. Expensive but a nice treat every now and then when those yoghurt cravings start creeping up on you! (more…)

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Animal Protein: Why is it dangerous for MS’ers?

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What’s the Big Deal About Animal Protein?

Why is animal protein bad for us? Haven’t we always been told that protein is essential for growth, energy and muscle strength. Isn’t it a well known fact that we need protein to stay healthy, vibrant and strong? Have we really been misled all these years? Surely, it seems impossible to believe that such ‘good quality’ food could making our disease worse.

I know that many people are very confused on this issue so I thought I would try and make it a tad clearer for you. We are constantly receiving conflicting and contradictory messages of what we should and shouldn’t be eating. The Paleo and Wahls diet have informed us that eating red meat is fine as long as it is grass fed. Both diets, however, do not allow dairy.

Then we have the Swank and OMS diets, both of which advocate keeping saturated fats to an absolute  minimum. Dr. Jelinek (OMS) has made it clear that all meat is not on the menu for himself and his community of followers. Even grass fed meat still has saturated fat in it. The Swank and OMS diets also advise people with MS to steer clear of  any dairy products. So, absolutely no animal products except fish of course which contains high levels of the essential healthy fats.

As many of you will know, I also do not include animal products in my diet. The MS diet is completely free of all dairy, meat and saturated fat from animals. This was not a fly by night decision but one based on much research and personal experience. I noticed that when I gave up animal protein, I had more energy, my mind was clearer and I had more energy. My MS Symptoms also improved. So what is it about animal protein that effects us so negatively? I will be exploring this, in depth, over the next few blog posts. Let’s first take a look at how much animal protein Western Society is consuming every day. (more…)

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Six Stupendous MS Diet Breakfasts

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Breakfast, the Most Important Meal?

Most of us have a breakfast ritual that we go through every morning. It usually involves the same foods day after day. It is a tried and tested routine that makes us feel ready for the day. What do you have for breakfast each day? Is it giving you the springboard you need to fly into your day with energy and focus?

We have all heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many of us, however, choose to skip it and catch up on our calories later on in the day. Could we be doing ourselves a disservice? Recent research has revealed that the more you eat first thing in the morning, the better! The benefits seem to be far reaching and include healthy weight management, improved concentration and a more stable mood. It seems to bring a certain balance into your life that helps set things on a smooth course for the day. I think we all need more of those mornings! (more…)

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