A bowl with rice, spinach and zucchini, served like a soup.

Leafy Green Soup

My favourite meal during winter is a gorgeous, steaming bowl of soup! It definitely warms the cockerels of my soul and lifts my spirits. It also makes for a quick and nutritious lunch. The brilliant thing is that you can…

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Lots of candles on dark background
MS Diet Tips

The Mindful Christmas

I absolutely love this time of year. There’s an excitement in the air and everyone is making lovely plans to spend time with their special people. Colourful lights are being put up on houses and beautiful Christmas trees are being…

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Stone Cairn on Norwegian Mountain
My Progress

My Four MS Diet Milestones

I enjoy looking back on my MS diet journey to see how far I’ve come. I still haven’t got this whole healing lifestyle perfectly waxed. Not by any means! There are still days when I have utterly weak moments and…

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Serving of red kraut on plate
Healing Foods, Recipes

Sauerkraut for a Healthy Gut

  I have become increasingly cognisant of the importance of having an exceptionally healthy gut. Gut health has a very important role to play in the recovery from MS and the effective management of the condition. This is because a large portion…

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Raw Goji & Cashew Bars

It’s been a while, I know! I have to admit that I’ve had a rough month. It hasn’t been MS related and thank goodness, no new symptoms have reared their ugly heads. I have just felt stretched and tired not…

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Chocolate Nests

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with an Easter treat that is delicious and chocolaty yet super healthy and MS diet friendly. I wanted it to be something that I and my children would enjoy eating and making together….

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