Over the past few months, MS Diet For Women has grown from my personal journal, to a thriving online community. I have interacted with amazing people who are just as passionate about combatting MS as I am.

I am truly astonished by the number of people I have had the privilege of talking to in that time – whether it has been an email exchange, Twitter, Facebook or comments on the site. It feels so good to be able to connect with other women with MS, as well as other experts who work tirelessly to help those who have it.

With that said, I thought it would be nice at this point to share the different ways in which you can keep in touch with me and the whole MS Diet For Women movement. If you’re new to the blog, this will serve as a great introduction. If you’ve been around for a while, you may be surprised at what you’re missing out on…

The Blog

The MS Diet For Women blog serves as the “hub” for everything that I do online. I have some big plans to add a forum and a membership area, so stay tuned for more from the blog!

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This where you can find all my latest blog posts, recipes, supplement reviews, and stories relating to my journey (which I hope can in turn help yours).

The core component of the blog is The MS Diet, which is what ties everything together. This is where you can find all the details about the MS diet I follow myself.

There are a few ways in which you can keep in touch with the blog:

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  • Bookmark it – simple but effective.
  • Subscribe to posts via RSS – if you use an RSS feed reader, this is an easy way of making sure that you never miss out on the latest posts.
  • Subscribe to posts via email – if you don’t use an RSS feed reader, just subscribe via email, and new posts will be sent straight to your inbox!
  • Subscribe to the newsletter – newsletter subscribers get an email or two from me every single week, sign-up to receive encouragement emails and MS diet tips from me from time to time, just complete the fields below [but remember to come back and read the rest below]:


I respect your email privacy



MS Diet For Women Community

We all need a place where we can connect with other ladies like us, where we can support each other and receive encouragement to push through the hard times - and thats exactly what the MS Diet For Women Community is all about!

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We have a thriving online community of ladies from all over the world, connecting with each other, building friends and walking this journey to health together. There is lots of discussion and friendship building going on, all on our very own "Facebook"! I'm personally in the forums and groups daily and really enjoy building relationships these special ladies.

For more information on how to join the MS Diet For Women Community, please feel free to visit the Resources page, we would love you to join us!

Social Media

I don’t only just use my social media accounts as places to promote new and old blog posts – I love finding new people to engage with. I also use these accounts to answer questions and build relationships with people like you.

 Here’s where you can find me:

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  • Facebook – I like to post MS diet tips here and you'll also find a steady stream of motivation to keep your MS diet on track.
  • Twitter – I love Twitter. I tend to talk about everything and anything there, and I’m constantly chatting to people. I also share all of the best articles I read from across the web.
  • Google Plus – if you are on Google Plus, I'd love to connect with you!
  • Pinterest – who hasn't been caught up on Pinterst and got carried away with re-pinning! You can see some of my latest pins on the right side of this page ["My Recent Pinterest Pins"], and, to make it easier to understand The MS Diet, I have set up a couple Pinterest boards for you to see The MS Diet in visual form, just click the images below:


  MS Diet Foods to Avoid on Pinterest   MS Diet Foods to Embrace on Pinterest  

Mobile Bookmarking

You can now also add a shortcut to the site on your iPhone or iPad homescreen (see image below). I think this also works on some Android phones too!

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Contacting Me

The best ways to get in touch with me are via Facebook and Twitter, or simply comment on the blog.

However, if you’re not a social media type of person, feel free to contact me via my Contact Me page. I always reply, so feel free to say hi!

A Favor

If I could ask you to do just one thing, it would be to share my blog. My aim is to try help as many women with MS as I can, but I need your help. Perhaps you could email a link of this site to a bunch of friends, or just tell them about it yourself. If you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate you sending a quick tweet on Twitter, you can do that by simply clicking here - I would be most grateful.

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And if you have any feedback regarding the blog – things you like, things you don’t like, things you’d like to see, or anything else – please leave your comments here below!

Looking forward to hear from you!

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