I'm excited, thrilled and over the moon to tell you about a big secret that I have been keeping for the past 4 months. It's been hard but I wanted to get all my ducks in a row before letting the cat out of the bag. I have been whetting your appetite and letting you in on little tid bits every now and then but at last I can actually reveal it ALL to you.

Drum roll please ...

In two weeks time, I'll be launching a raw snacks subscription box - Living Snacks! It'll be crammed with raw, completely natural and very nutritious snacks and treats. The box will be delivered to your door every 2 weeks or once month and my hope is that the snacks inside will inspire you to stay on track with your MS diet and experiment with your own heathy snacks. The box will only be available in the UK for now but hopefully in time, I'll be able to branch out!

The Story Behind the Box

In March this year, I ran a raw/vegan cooking class in my local community. Many of the ladies who came had never been exposed to this way of eating before. They relished the power balls and devoured the raw chocolate we made. One of the ladies asked me if I would be willing to make her a batch of raw snacks every week as she is super busy and is often running from pillar to post with absolutely no time to squeeze in raw snack making! At first, the idea seemed slightly absurd but as I thought about it more and did a bit of research I came to realise that perhaps it was more doable than I had first thought.

The subscription box industry has ballooned in the last few years and you can order boxes containing anything from beauty products to pet treats. Yes, these are handy products but what I really love about subscription boxes is the element of surprise and the anticipation factor. Someone has taken the time to hand pick something amazing, something they love and share it with everyone. It's such a brilliant way to be exposed to new and exciting products.

I actually ordered a few snack subscription boxes to see how the whole process works and then made the decision to go for it! It's been a wonderful learning curve and I've enjoyed the whole process of creating something from conception to final product. It's been an exhilarating obsession of mine for the past few months!

The Snacks

energy bites on a white background

I have loved perfecting the snacks and experimenting with new flavours and textures. Many of them are just jazzed up versions of the snacks I have been making for myself and my family for years. I have survived on many of these snacks and they've helped me overcome many a chocolate bar temptation!

Many of the snacks contain nuts and seeds that have been soaked and activated to add extra nutrition and help the body digest them more effectively. This also helps with healing the gut. I then dehydrate them at a very low temperature - 46C/115F. At this temperature they are still raw and all nutrients remain intact. All my snacks are dehydrated at this temperature so that they'll last a little longer. If anything, dehydration improves the flavour and makes the snacks yummier.

All snacks are 100% MS Diet legal. They only contain ingredients that will promote health and help the body heal. Just so that you're clear, all snacks are:







Snack Packs


Each box contains four snack packs and one externally sourced raw snack product from a selection of my favourite brands. The snack packs will consist of power balls, nut & seed bars, chia puddings, biscotti and trail mixes. They're pretty substantial! One snack could even take the place of a meal. All snacks contain the most delicious raw nuts but unfortunately this makes them unsuitable for those with nut allergies.

What I really love about these snack packs is that they provide a well-deserved, guilt-free treat. I am always on the look out for healthy sweet treats. I thoroughly believe that a little of what you fancy does you good! However, it must also make you feel good!

Signing up

The box be available for purchase in two weeks time but in the mean-time, you can visit my launch page and sign up to receive 50% off your first box:

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The Countdown Has Started

As of today, there are only 14 days until launch! I'm excited and slightly nervous but I know you'll love these snacks as much as I do. So much love and care goes into making and packaging them and I hope you will find that they enhance your healing and provide you with a little of what you fancy.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on my raw snacks subscription box so drop me a line if you get a chance!

I would also really really appreciate a like and perhaps a share on my Living Snacks Facebook page! Thank you for your support ladies!


Love & Nutrients