As promised, Episode 2 of my podcast is all about the foods to avoid and embrace on the MS diet. I discuss each food group that needs to be eradicated from your kitchen and body. I also look at some of the reasons why these foods are MS diet no no's. Foods to include in your MS diet are up next! This is the exciting part because it opens up a whole new world of delicious, nutritious and healing foods. Just listening back, I realised that I forgot to mention that sweet potato and avocado are my go-to foods. They are full of amazing vitamins and they make me feel full and happy. So, I'll often add sweet potato, avocado or both to a salad to make it a filling meal.

This episode is really just an overview of the MS diet. I will be doing separate podcasts on each food group and looking, in detail, at why it is important to avoid these foods and what the alternatives are. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you to understand the basics of the MS diet.