MS Supplements And Your MS Diet

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Over the past few years, I have experimented with a number of supplements. All the information about my MS supplements is available via this page. If you read on, this page will:

  • show you the links full reviews of various supplements I currently use and why
  • help you order your own supplements from Amazon (USA and UK only)
  • list some supplements I no longer take and why
  • explain why taking supplements is needed as part of a MS diet
  • give you tips on how to choose the right nutritional supplements

Let me take this opportunity to say, I am not a medical doctor, and taking supplements should never replace a healthy diet.

My Current MS Supplements

Here is a list of posts that I have done on each of the supplements I take. They are recommended, because they are the ones I use myself! To see more detail about each supplement, click the link for each one listed, else, continue to read more below about why you should take MS supplements:

I currently take all of the above supplements, which I recommend for everyone with Multiple Sclerosis as part of their MS diet.

Order My Supplements Online From Amazon:

If you would like to order any of these supplements, most can be found at your local health shop, however, if you prefer shopping online, you can order these through Amazon now:

(disclosure: I get a very small percentage of each purchase you make, at no additional cost to you, which I really appreciate to help keep this blog running, but please feel no pressure to purchase via the links below, I’ll still love you just as much icon wink MS Supplements And Your MS Diet ) (USA) United States of AmericaUSA MS Supplements And Your MS Diet

Supplements I No Longer Take

For various reasons I have stopped using the following supplements:

  • Probiotic: Suer 8 Hi-Potency (by Udo’s Choice)

    This product is very expensive and there are other brands that are just as good, but cost less.

  • Zinc: Zinc 50mg (by Solgar)

    This form of zinc is not as assimilable (ability to be absorbed) as the Zinc Picolinate 22mg product, which is why I switched. Large percentages of the supplement where simply passing through the digestive system, reducing overall nutrient uptake.

  • Spirulina

    I have decided not to progress with this supplement as part of my MS diet any longer due to these reasons (you can read more on this post):

    1. varying cultivation / manufacturing processes between suppliers (no standards or enforcement)

    2. risk of inclusion of decaying animal matter

    3. risk of inclusion of heavy metals

    4. risk of inclusion of other toxin-producing algae.

Why Take Supplements?

The first thing I do, after waking each morning, is make my ten month old baby’s bottle of milk and give it to him. Secondly, I trundle to the kitchen to start taking the myriad of MS supplements lining my shelf (yes they take up a whole shelf). They lie waiting to be gulped down so that they can start working their healing magic. They can’t wait to interact with various enzymes, give life to limp cells, reduce inflammation and make me feel energetic and healthy!

If it’s true that you can get all the nutrients you need from consuming a varied and healthy MS diet, then why bother with supplements? Nothing can replace a MS diet rich in raw fruit and vegetables. The right foods contain the perfect mix of vitamins, minerals, fibre, and enzymes and form the basis of our health. However, let’s be honest, our lives are busy and some days we just don’t get around to eating three nutritious meals a day. Even the most health conscious people don’t get it right all the time because of factors beyond their control.

Supplements fill the gaps

MS nutrients are so important to your health and vital to helping improve your condition and reduce the effects of Multiple Sclerosis, as well as “MS fatigue” and go a long way to protect you against symptoms of MS in women. Do you really want to take the chance that you may not eat all, or enough of the foods that provide them, on a particular day? Supplements are there to help you along and fill the gaps and should be taken for all types of Multiple Sclerosis.

Here are a three reasons why taking supplements is an important part of the MS diet and journey to healing:

Reason 1: You might already have a deficiency

It is highly likely that you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals and taking a supplement helps them get to a healthy level quickly. It also helps them to remain at optimal levels. This is particularly important for people with MS because these deficiencies could very well be contributing to relapses and disease progression.

Reason 2: Higher doses are better

There is also substantial evidence that taking higher than usual doses of certain supplements can result in fewer relapses and slower disease progression. This does not apply to all vitamins and minerals but is certainly the case for Vitamin D and has been proven in a number of studies. Often the recommended daily dose is far below what our bodies need. Definitely do the research before you start taking supplements willy nilly!

Reason 3: A healthy diet might not be enough

Even if we do consume a healthy diet, it still may not provide all the nutrients we need. The soil that fresh produce are grown in is becoming more and more depleted of vitamins and minerals. In addition, fruit and veg are often picked too early and then ripened artificially which further depletes their nutrient supplies. Cherries, for instance, have been found to lose 50% of their vitamin C if picked prematurely. Lastly, cooking and over processing these natural products also depletes them of essential nutrients.

How Do You Choose The Right Nutritional Supplement?

It is an overwhelming task choosing between the myriad of supplements on offer. However, doing a bit of research won’t be a waste of your time! As you can imagine, supplements come in a range of qualities. Generally, the better the quality, the easier it is for your body to absorb. The buzz word here is, ‘bioavailablity‘. This can be defined as, the proportion of a nutrient that can be absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract for use or storage in the body.

Cheap supplements are a waste of time and money

When you gulp down a supplement, the active ingredients are released to your stomach and then pass through the small intestine where they should be absorbed into the bloodstream. Poor quality supplements fail during the breakdown of the nutrients in the stomach and virtually no absorption takes place in the small intestine. Studies have shown that many cheap, poor quality supplements go right through the digestive system without being broken down properly and released into the bloodstream. These are obviously a waste of time and money and won’t help give you a proper MS diet.

ms diet supplements MS Supplements And Your MS DietSo how do we distinguish between good and poor quality supplements? You need to look for supplements that are in a form that is bioavailable. High quality supplements are formulated to allow much higher levels of bioavailability than cheaper, mass produced vitamin and mineral products.

This is because they are founded in scientific research and more sophisticated manufacturing processes are used when producing them. This is why they are a bit more expensive but at least they actually do what they say they do. In most cases you really do get what you pay for.

Five Top Tips For Choosing Good Quality MS Supplements

So, to keep this practical, I’ve got 5 tips for you to use to ensure your MS diet gets the best supplements it can:

ms diet tip 1 MS Supplements And Your MS DietLook for information on the box that says the supplement is ‘easily absorbed‘ by the body. If you can find the word ‘bioavailable‘, that would be first prize! Some say that capsules are more easily absorbed than tablets but this is not necessarily true and depends on the supplement.

ms diet tip 2 MS Supplements And Your MS DietIt should clearly state on the supplement box that they are ‘free from‘ artificial preservatives, sweeteners and colourants. They should also be gluten free and free of all animal products. Most supplements will make it clear if they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

ms diet tip 3 MS Supplements And Your MS DietDo they provide a COA (Certificate Of Analysis)? This certificate is the manufacturer’s guarantee that every batch of product is pure. The more natural and unprocessed, the better. There are supplements that are completely natural and are still complete foods. These are the best type of supplements you can get and your body absorbs pretty much 100% of them. For example, the company AIM produces products such as powdered juice of green barley leaves, carrots and beets which are packed with antioxidants.

ms diet tip 4 MS Supplements And Your MS DietCheck the dosage and make sure it is not too low or high for what you require. For instance, vitamin B12 comes in a 1mg and a 5mg tablet form. If you are trying to increase your levels quickly, then 5mg may be good for a while but your body won’t need this amount for too long. The smaller dose will then be sufficient to keep B12 at optimum levels.

ms diet tip 5 MS Supplements And Your MS DietLastly, read reviews and get advice before purchasing your supplements. It makes sense to see what others have to say about supplements before you purchase them yourself. Choose someone you can trust and read before you buy.

Once again, please remember, I’m not a doctor so please ensure you consult with a medical professional to see whats right for you – I’m just someone who wants to share what has worked for me!

I hope that showing you what supplements I use has been helpful to you. I’m sure you can find similar products where you live, you dont have to use these ones, they are just the ones I have researched which I feel are the best – which is why I use them myself!

Please let me know about any supplements you take in the comments below!

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Kim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2010. She is in her thirties, married and has two beautiful children. Kim is passionate about helping others with MS by sharing what she learns about the disease with her fellow MS sufferers. She loves to discover new recipes that are both tasty and help to treat her condition. She is currently living a normal life - her mission is to help others do the same. Read more about Kim...
Kim avatar 64x64 MS Supplements And Your MS Diet
Kim avatar 64x64 MS Supplements And Your MS Diet
Kim avatar 64x64 MS Supplements And Your MS Diet
Over the years I have developed many tools I use to help me keep living well, slow my MS progression and reduce my MS symptoms. I am confident in them, because they work for me… in fact, if I didn’t have MS, I would still live this way. You can get MS diet meal plans, recipes, fasting guides, or even one-on-one coaching on the Resources page.

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  1. posted by Dani Jova on December 2, 2012

    Good day Kim! I just found your site and am very pleased about that :) Thank you for all the time and energy you put in to help others with this condition!

    Now to my question: I live in Sweden, therefor there isn’t to much info on the Amway and Nutrilite deal. Do you know whats it all about? It’s like we have this great wall of health issues banned to our knowledge. I was approached by a man from the swedish line of Nutrilite, who presented me with Double X vitamins, said to be all naturally processed. It costs a lot, but if they are afficient, it surely would be worth it….but I am very skeptic! Do you have any info which can spread a light on Nutrilites products?

    Sincerey Dani

    • posted by Kim on December 4, 2012

      Hi Dani! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am always very happy to hear the site is adding value to other MS’ers. I absolutely love to help other ladies like me!

      Regarding Nutrilite, I dont have any personal experience, but from their “science behind nutrilite” page, it appears to be a well-known and reputable manufacturer. My question to you is why you want to take the Double X vitamins, specifically? This seem to be a general multi-vitamin, am I correct? Im not entirely against multi-vitamins, but I find that as someone with MS, it is important to ensure you are targeting nutrients you know you body needs. I do this with specific high-quality supplements, aimed at giving my body the right amount via a targeted supplement for a specific nutrient. As always, its worthwhile to investigate the reasons why supplements seem to cost more than others, some times there are legitimate reasons. Perhaps look at some 3rd party reviews and try understand how the supplement is created. I dont have the best experience with Amway myself, but that doesn’t mean this is a bad product. At the end of the day, you must decide to trust that this supplement is what it says it is, and, that its what your body needs.

      Hope that helps!

  2. posted by Caz on February 24, 2013

    Hi Kim!

    Firstly I wanna say what a great site you have here & thank you so much for being so great and putting this together!!!

    I wanted to ask if you take a multi vitamin? If you do which one & do all the above not contain the bad things we need to avoid?

    Many many thanks xxx

    • posted by Elena on February 24, 2013

      Dear Caz,

      I recall that I read in the book of Dr. Jilkens that we were advised not to take multivitamin but that it was better to take targeted supplements. In the beginning I also took multivitamin but now since a year I am taking targeted supplements and feel even better!

    • posted by Kim on February 24, 2013

      Hi Caz! Yes, I have been advised not to take a multivitamin but to have concentrated doses of the vitamins and minerals that are important. I do try, as far as possible, to make sure that my supplements are completely natural. For instance, the Vit D3 that I take is in droplet form in extra virgin olive oil. Each drop is 2000iu and I take about 5 drops a day. Great for my kids too!

      Are you worried about some of the ingredients in your supplements?

      • posted by Elena on February 27, 2013

        Kim, where do you get these drops of D3? As currently the hightest dossage of d3 drops I could find were 400IU.

      • posted by Kim on February 28, 2013

        Elena, you can get them from Natures Answer

  3. posted by Elena on February 24, 2013

    Dear Kim,

    could you explain to me why you also take zinc?
    I daily take

    1 Vitamin D 880E.E (20 ug)
    - 1 Omega 2 Lachsol 1000 ( Omega 3-Fettsauren 350 mg, Docosaphexaensaure DHA 120 mg Eicosapentaensaure (EPA) 180 mg, Vitamine E 15 mg a-TE)
    - 1 instant Energy B12 (B1, 1.5 mg, B2 1.7 mg B3 20 mg, B5, 30 mg, B6 2 mg, B12, 2000mcg, Folliumzuur 400 mcg, Chroom, 60 Mcg, Creatine 250 mg
    - 1 Magnesium, Calcium, D3 (200mg Magnesium, 400 mg Calcium, 5ug Vitamin d3)
    - and a probiotic.

    But not zinc, although I heard that it is good for the immune system, (I can’t recall why). I’d really like to hear you thoughts on this.

    Have a great day!

    • posted by Kim on February 24, 2013

      Hi Elena! Thanks for letting me know what supplements you are taking. I am intrigued about why you take Creatine.

      Yes, I do take zinc because it helps keep the immune system healthy and contributes to the health of the hormonal system. It is also an antioxidant which helps to fight off the free radicals that cause the degeneration of cells which can lead to more symptoms.

      Hope you are doing brilliantly. Have a great week!

      • posted by Andrea Turner on May 23, 2013


        I had read somewhere that zinc stimulates the immune system, which I assume is not good for autoimmune diseases. Little bit confused now. Also, found info on agave nectar not being so good also. Will try to recall where I read this if you want me to send it. Do you have a list of supplements or foods that will strengthen our immune system without stimulating it? Thanks Kim.

      • posted by Sharon on February 19, 2014

        Hi Kim like Andrea, i have a query for you with regard zinc!

        I have read extensively on the immune system and ms. All the advise, medically and scientifically, is that zinc stimulates the immune system which is definitely not what we ms’ers want. Could you please clarify your reasoning behind including it on your website? Thanks, Sharon

      • posted by Kim on March 4, 2014

        Hi Sharon! Thanks for your question. Zinc is found in cells throughout the body. It is needed for the immune system to work properly. So, it doesn’t necessarily stimulate the immune system and make a bad thing worse. It actually helps to make a bad thing better! We want our immune systems to function normally and as it should and zinc will help with this. It also plays a role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates. So, it is an asset in your body, not a liability. I am keen to know your thoughts on this. Kim

  4. posted by Caz on February 24, 2013

    Thanks Elena!

    I do seem to remember reading somewhere to avoid multi’s actually… Looks like I’ll be stocking up on separate supplements :)

    At the mo I am also taking MSM as I read somewhere that it’s a good source of sulpur and it’s good for myelin etc… (?) But I don’t know much about all this at the moment as recently diagnosed!…

    Also I take Vit D 10000 iu and a magnesium and a multi….

    Looks like I have a lot to learn :)

    Thanks xxx

    Also ~ what time of day do you take all your vitamins and supplements?

  5. posted by Shannon on February 25, 2013

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for the info on supplements. I love the website that provides so much info for me. I think I will switch my supplements now that I read the info. My family doctor told me to take a multi vitamin, but since he does not know much about MS (he stated this himself), I am going to start taking specific vitamins that can help my MS. On your list of supplements you list calcium and magnesium separately. Do yo take individual vitamins or a combo of CalMag? At the MS clinic they told me to add Vit D and Magnesium. Thank You, Shannon

    • posted by Shannon on February 25, 2013

      After sending the email I was clicking on the supplements I found the answer to my question. It is calcium and magnesium together. Thanks, Shannon

      • posted by Kim on February 25, 2013

        Sorry Shannon, yes I take them together – much better. Make sure its chelated too. ;)

  6. posted by Alycia on March 4, 2013


    Thank you for all of the helpful info. I am ordering supplements and have a few questions.

    1. For the barley life, do you recommend the capsules or powder? In your experience, are there pros/cons to each?

    2. For the lifetime, have you tried the blueberry or piña colada flavor? If you have tried them, which do you recommend?

    Thank you again for your help!

    • posted by Kim on March 4, 2013

      Hi Alycia

      I am very happy to hear that you are ordering BarleyLife. I take the powder because I feel that it is absorbed more quickly by my body than the capsules. It also gave me a really clean, healthy feeling straight away and you do get used to the grassy taste. The capsules are great because you don’t have the hassle of mixing the powder with water and then drinking it. However, I think it definitely takes the capsules longer to be absorbed. Up to you but I think I would recommend the powder.

      Which lifetime are you referring to? Is it an AIM product?

      I also take ginkosense from AIM which is great for memory and keeping all those cognitive functions working well.

      All the best to you!

  7. posted by maria on March 9, 2013

    Hi Kim just wondering if you knew where I could buy Barleygreen? I’m not sure if the one I’m looking at is the correct one? It’s called AIM BarleyLife Extra? Costs about 50 pounds for 12.7 oz? Thanks Maria

    • posted by Kim on March 10, 2013

      Hi Maria!

      Great that you are taking BarleyLife! BarleyLife Extra is the same product with a few more veggies added in so this is also perfect. I just take the regular BarleyLife. It costs £30 (sterling). I order it online. Try the Extra version and the regular version and see what you enjoy the most.

      Hope you feel great on it!

  8. posted by Lori Gregorski on March 29, 2013

    Hi there. I am new to your site and have enjoyed reading everything so far. My question on supplements is about the Advocare brand. Do you have experience and any thoughts on what they offer? The product I like the most from them is there spark energy drink. I have always been a coffee drinker and am able to get by just fine drinking spark instead. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. posted by donna richland on May 21, 2013

    I wanted to get more information on drinking coffee and MS

    • posted by Kim on June 9, 2013

      Hi Donna
      The caffeine in coffee affects the CNS and and brain in a negative way. Really not a good idea to be drinking it. Try decaf but not too often as it also has some caffeine in it.

  10. posted by Andrea on May 24, 2013


    Can you tell me about the zinc? I read that it stimulated the immune system….wouldn’t that be a bad idea for MS? Confused


  11. posted by Carole Thuesn on May 29, 2013

    I have recently been diagnosed with MS, I’m a 62 year old female. I particularily liked your piece on Identifying qualiy supplements and recomend you take a look at NEO Life Products @ Over the last 30 years I have found them to be consistently of high quality and well researched and documented. I’m just begining my diet and supplement program and will be implementing your guidelines, thank you.

  12. posted by donna on June 10, 2013

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR REPLY. I have been taking excedrine migraine for my \headaches, but I think I read not to take medication with caffine and excedreine migraine has caffine in it. do you think that is too much caffeine in this medication.

  13. posted by April on June 13, 2013

    Hi Kim,
    I’m trying to follow the MS diet to the T and would like to know what vitamins I would need to absorb the ones I take. I’m currently taking a super B-complex, iron because I don’t eat meat, vitamin D, B12, Omega 3. Thanks:)

  14. posted by April on June 29, 2013

    Hey Kim,
    I’m currently taking vitamin D3, DHA, tumeric, Super B-Complex and all the other supplements you are taking, except Zinc, which I stopped taking after reading that people with MS should stay away from it. What is the reason you’re taking zinc? Also, have you ever tried taking creatine, CQ10 or any other supplement? Thanks !:)

    • posted by Kim on July 2, 2013

      Hi April

      That’s great! You are really on the right track. I take zinc to help my immune system function effectively, the theory is that at it will help it stay healthy and not malfunction. What have you heard about zinc? I know a lot of people are afraid it will make their immune systems too strong. I haven’t tried creatinine. Isn’t that a body builder supplement?

  15. posted by Kass on July 14, 2013


    I was introduced to transfer factor and have started to take this with my multivitamins. What are your thoughts on this and do you have the recommended dosage foe the relevant vitamins/supplement we should take (for ms and to get the lesions to disappear? thank you

  16. posted by Athena on August 5, 2013

    Not sure if you’ve come across Herbalist Alan Tillotson herbal supplement by Planetary Herbals called Myelin Sheath Support and your point of view on this supplement?

    My acupuncturist provided me with an article written by Alan about his recommended supplement regimen for people with MS: 3 pills/2x day Myelin Sheath Support (repairs myelin), Alpha Lipoic Acid 250 mg 1 pill/2x day (allows antioxidants to penetrate nerve tissue), DHA 250 mg 1 pill/2x day (fatty acid used by brain cells), Vit E 400 iu 1 pill/1x day (aids in neutralizing fat related toxins).

    I follow the above along with adding a probiotic, 1 tbps flax oil, 2 tbps cod liver oil and monthly b12 shots. I wonder if I should add more calcium/magnesium since the Myelin Sheath Support is only providing 234 mg calcium / 540 mcg magnesium? Another mineral that I’m wondering if I need more of is Zinc, Myelin Support only has 1 mg?

    Also after reading your supplement list I realize that I need to add Omega 6 & 9.

    Your site is so amazing – just found it and can’t stop reading all the great content! THANK YOU!!!

    • posted by Kim on August 8, 2013

      Hi Athena! You are so welcome. Those supplements sound amazing. You are on the right track. Omega 3 is the important one since omega 6 is so common in all our foods. Hope you are feeling great! Kim

  17. posted by dog games for kids on September 17, 2013

    I’m no longer sure the place you’re getting your info, however
    good topic. I needs to spend a while studying much more or figuring out
    more. Thank you for magnificent information I used to be searching for this information for my mission.

    • posted by Kim on October 2, 2013

      Hi Bethany! Thanks for your kind words about the site. I really enjoy putting it all together. All my info is from highly reliable sources. I can send you some references if you like. I know what you mean about figuring things out. It takes time and really is an ongoing process! How are you doing with your MS? Have you found that the supplements and diet are working for you?

  18. posted by Rayme on September 26, 2013


    I was wondering why you take two different types of probiotics? Also I am currently taking Gilenya, have you or anyone else heard any good/bad feedback from the drug. So far it has been working well for me, but I have been trying to change to the MS diet since being diagnosed 3 years ago. I eat pretty healthy, but eating healthy for MS is different. My biggest problem is cooking, so if anyone has any tips for me please feel free to email me and share! I am helpful with workouts and staying active and positive! :)

    • posted by Kim on October 2, 2013

      Hi Rayme

      I actually only take the active probiotic at the moment. I was taking Wobenzyme for a while because it really calms inflammation. But because I am so well, I don’t need to take it anymore. I do still recommend it though. Well done for your healthy eating but I definitely agree that the MS Diet is one step up. Cooking can be tricky but when you have got quite a few of your favorite meals in place then you get into the swing if things easily. Have you tried any of the recipes on the site? Glad you are such a positive person. I need someone like you in the community! Email me if you are interested in a complimentary membership. The weekly meal plans may also help with cooking ideas.

  19. posted by Amy on October 13, 2013

    Hi Kim

    I just wanted to ask you a quick question if thats ok? I’m 32 and was diagnosed with MS 2 months ago. I’m taking all of the supplements that you recommended and I am sooooo happy to say that I am feeling so much better doing that and following the diet too :)

    The consultant I am seeing recommended I take omega 3 (fish oil) and Omega 6 (Evening primrose oil). At the moment I am taking one evening primrose oil 1000mg and one Minami MorEPA fish oil.

    I just wondered do you think I need these as well as all the omega 3 I am taking? I take flaxseed oil, milled flaxseed for breakfast as a porridge with almond milk and the AIM omega oil capsules as well?

    Just thought I’d ask what you thought of fish oil supplement and Evening primrose oil too?

    You are such an inspiration thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the good work :)
    Amy x

    • posted by Kim on October 15, 2013

      Hi Amy! Thanks for your question! You are welcome to ask me as many as you need to. I’m always here! Well done for diving head first into the diet and supplements. I believe this is going to make a big difference to your disease course. Glad that you are feeling so much better. That’s wonderful.

      I would say that if you are taking the flaxseed oil then you don’t need to take the fish oil. Fish oil can often be rancid because it gets heated in the extraction process. It makes me feel quite ill. Evening primrose oil is also not essential because it is omega 6 which our bodies normally get too much of anyway. I would just stick to the flaxseed oil if I were you! Stay in touch!

  20. posted by karyn nicolai on October 23, 2013

    Hi Kim,

    I am 53 years old and newly diagnosed even though I have been suffering with MS symptoms since my 20′s. Your site has been a godsend for me in information and support. I just want to feel better and I have made healthy life changes in my eating and living habits My issue is that I am on a fixed income of disability payments and cannot afford all the supplements you recommend. Are there certain ones I should definitely be taking over other ones?

    • posted by Kim on October 30, 2013

      Hi Karyn! Great to hear from you and thanks for your kind and lovely comments. The most important supplements are flaxseed oil, Vit D and Vit B12. If can afford it, BarleyLife is the best one you can get. It is pretty pricey though. It will feed your cells and clean you out. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing on your diet! Kim

  21. posted by Ruby Palmer on November 15, 2013

    Kim I am impressed. You are very knowledgeable. I have had Lupus for 35 years and started Barley green and a combination of supplements very much like yours. I went into remission for my Lupus after a few years. then 15 years later I was diagnosed with MS. I am free of most MS symptoms except for my balance and dizziness.Still free of Lupus symptoms… I will not go back on the MS medication so maybe you can give me some suggestions .
    I still drink the original Barley green ( Green Magma) every day with my supplements.
    If you have any suggestions on my balance issue I would be grateful… Yes I know you are not a doctor and if you are like me I am trusting the great physician. Knowledge is wisdom… Thanks Kim… Have a blessed day~!

    • posted by Kim on December 5, 2013

      Hi Ruby! Thank you for your kind words. You are doing such a good job of managing your Lupus and MS, wow! Are you on the diet too? I also swear by green barley juice. I drink the BarleyLife by AIM but I think they are all pretty similar. I think that this supplement is one of the keys to nourishing your body deeply and helping it heal. I know that Pilates and strength training help for balance issues. Just knowing how to hold your body so that you are strong enough not to go off balance. Not sure about dizziness though. I do know that keeping your blood sugar levels very stable will help. So absolutely no refined sugar for you! Stay in touch! Kim

  22. posted by Laura on March 17, 2014

    Hi, I am 26 years old and was diagnosed with MS 2 months ago. I have been reading a lot about the diet and am preparing to start it within the next few weeks. Unfortunately, my neurologist denies any benefit to a diet like this, which was really discouraging. He started me on Tecfidera, a fairly new relapsing MS medication. I have my concerns about it, but for now, I will continue to take it. He has not mentioned taking any supplements though. Reading through the list of your recommendations, I don’t think I can afford to take all of these. Are there a few that you would say are most important for me to start out on?

    • posted by Kim on March 21, 2014

      Hi Laura! Don’t even worry about what your neuro says. They are so stuck in their medical bubble that they have no idea how diet can help. It makes so much sense. Feed your body junk and it will start to rot. Feed it living, nutritious food and it will thrive and heal. It makes me so angry that doctors won’t recommend a change in diet and at least supplements and instead go straight to meds. The research behind diet and MS is growing rapidly and the idea that MS can be managed by eating the right foods has been around since the middle of last century when Swank started his research. I would highly recommend Vitamin D, Omega 3 and B12. BarleyLife is amazing and totally worth the money so I would really recommend getting that. Does this help?

  23. posted by Lilo on March 27, 2014

    Hello Kim,

    I’m studying a little bit on the probiotics. I don’t know much about it yet, but is it necessary to take those? And if you want to buy probiotics, what are the things I need to pay attention to? I’m from Holland and I’m not sure if they sell them here and which are the right ones :)

    Thanks in advance!

  24. posted by Dominique on April 16, 2014

    Thanks Kim for your email today in my inbox. I’m always curious to know what insight you will be sharing.
    I recently went to see a Naturapath and she added a new supplement to my list: Liposomal Glutathione apparently a very important supplement for MSers. The problem is that it isn’t easily absorbed (the Liposomal helps). My naturopath suggests Intra Venous (IV). For the Glutathione and B vitamines.
    Any experience/thoughts on Glutathione and/or IV dispensing of supplements?

    • posted by Kim on April 23, 2014

      Hi Dominique! Always lovely to hear from you. I must say that I haven’t some across this supplement or the need to receive it intravenously. I am going to do a bit more research. Do you just buy the injections and administer them at home?

  25. posted by Claire on April 20, 2014

    Hi Kim, I am now on-board with the supplements you suggested (though still waiting for the D3 which is taking ages to arrive!). Please can I check the dosage? How much flaxseed oil each day? Do you take 3 omega capsules? And how many of the Vit C?

    I must say that I feel much healthier already following your diet but I’m keen to fully embrace it!

    Many thanks, Claire

    • posted by Kim on April 23, 2014

      Hi Claire! That’s brilliant, well done on the supplements. I take 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil every day but you could have more on your salads or veggies. Vitamin C, I just take the dose recommended on the bottle. I think 750mg daily is recommended. Your body is probably just loving the influx of nutrients and lack of sugar etc. Yes, fully embracing it is the way to go! keep me posted!

  26. posted by Barb on April 28, 2014

    Hi, Kim. I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding turmeric. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory supplement, and I recently stumbled upon an article stating turmeric has been shown to stop the progression of MS in animals. A brand most people seem to love is New Chapter’s Zyflamend.

    • posted by Kim on May 7, 2014

      Hi Barb! Turmeric is awesome! I have recently started taking a supplement. I think that the kind you cook with is ok but not as potent as raw turmeric or a good quality supplement that contains it. I would highly recommend starting on it.

  27. posted by Deb white on May 11, 2014

    Hi Kim, what do you know about do terra oils and their supplements??


    • posted by Kim on May 19, 2014

      Hi Deb! Are you referring to the brand Terra Nova? I love this brand as it is very natural and bioavailable to your cells. This means that your body can use most of it. I am trying the probiotic and turmeric.

  28. posted by Anna on June 5, 2014

    Hello, thank you for all the information on your site, feeling a lot less alone. I have only been diagnosed in the last few weeks so everything is very new and somewhat scary, I have RRMS. I am also a type 1 diabetic, since I was twelve, I am now 36. Do you have any information that may combine the two? Of is there anyone out there with the same? I am very lucky and have huge support it just feels like a very steep hill at the moment on very wobbly legs!
    Would appreciate any advice.
    Many thanks x

  29. posted by Kierra on June 7, 2014

    Hey Kim! I have read a lot of stuff about essential oils for MS with amazing results. Have you heard this or have any thoughts? Thanks for all your information!!!

  30. posted by Kierra on June 7, 2014

    Also, have you taken CoQ10?

  31. posted by Mira on June 15, 2014

    Hi Kim and everyone

    Thank you for informing and helping as on this difficult journey.
    i have been dx last 2 months with ms progressive. came across ur site strait after the diagnose and changed diet immediately, i feel better already. my neuro doesn’t talk about any supplements bur advised me to eat Mediterranean diet so lots of fruits and fibre. at the moment am taking vitamin D + omega 3
    i will start to take the supplements on your list but have to wait cos they cost. my main problem for now im trying to gain weight and it seems impossible with the type of food i eat, mostly veggies. I am a bit under weight. Trying to gain 3-4 kg at least.

    Thanks again,

    • posted by Kim on June 17, 2014

      Hi Mira! Good to hear from you. Glad that you have changed your diet so quickly after being diagnosed. This will give you a good chance of staying well.
      To put on weight you just need to eat more of this food. So, lots of nuts. A good swig of extra virgin olive oil with your salads or veggies. Rice, fish, sweet potatoes, olives, avocado are all good ones.
      Hope this helps!

  32. posted by Leslie Cameron on July 30, 2014

    Love your site!! I have had MS for 37 years. Really no serious issues up until 3 yrs ago. I am taking all of the supplements you recommend. It is really nice to read other people’s experiences and what is working for them. I have a question for you Kim and any of your readers – has anyone had any experience or know anything about the Balance Wear weighted vest? (I have balance and fatigue issues) Would love to hear any feedback.
    Thank you!!

    • posted by Kim on August 16, 2014

      Hi Leslie! Wonderful that you have managed to keep MS at bay for so long. Why do you think you have seen an increase in symptoms in the last few years? Does it have anything to do with a change in hormonal levels? I’m glad that you have started to take the supplements. I must say that I haven’t heard of the Balance wear vests. Hopefully other subscribers will be able to give you feedback on this. Is it supposed to help with balance issues?

      • posted by Leslie on September 1, 2014

        Hi Kim
        Yes I really have done well for many years, and very thankful. The issue 3 yrs ago that has created my problems now is kidney stones. I had to have surgery 3 yrs ago to remove a very large stone. Last year passed a big one..ouch and I am booked for surgery next month for a large stone. This has played havoc on my MS. Stress really plays a huge role in relapsing!! Thanks for all your great info on your site!!

  33. posted by nicole on August 7, 2014

    Hi Kim. Im very glad i found your site.I was diagnosed with MS in Oct 2013. I dont know alot about MS and have been a little depressed about it. My life has changed alot. One of my main problems is my gait and balance. I cant walk a long time without getting very tired. My legs(thigh area) feel heavy and my right foot seems hard to lift.. My knees hurt and feel as if they can’t bend while walking. Around the knee area hurt and swell especially after standing and walking. If Im sitting for a while my legs are stiff when i rise. I have muscle spasms in both thighs. I take Baclofen for the spasms, Tecfidera for MS, and Ibuprofen for the swelling. Can you give me any suggestions on what or if theres any OTC meds that can help with this or if there anything i can do to make it better. Sorry for putting so much out there but theres no one i can talk to about these issues. Its hard to walk up and down stairs and i cant even wear heels any more:-( . Can you p l ease help me. I dont know which way to go. Thanks

    • posted by Kim on August 7, 2014

      Hi Nicole

      I’m so glad that you found the site! You have come to the right place. It sounds like you are having to endure some painful and annoying symptoms that just make life downright difficult.

      Have you managed to make any changes to your diet and lifestyle? This is the first thing I would recommend. A complete diet overhaul. You need to cut out all processed foods, dairy, gluten, meat, sugar and embrace natural and wholefoods such as fruit and veg, nuts, quinoa and fish. It sounds limiting but there are actually so many options for meals.

      I am so grateful for this diet. It has transformed my life and I have hardly any symptoms. I can still live a completely normal life.

      I can help you get started! We are all in this together.

      Chat to you soon!


  34. posted by Noor alfajr on October 23, 2014

    Hi Kim, wonderful post about supplements. I have two questions: 1) as I know barley contains gluten and you recommend to cut gluten, how come you take it daily morning? 2) I do not use flaxeed oil in my food but actually I do eat about 2 tablespoon ful organic flaxseed daily, chewing it well before swallowing. Is this amount enough? And can I replace the standard fish oil supplement with flaxseed? Thanks a lot. Noor.

    • posted by Kim on November 1, 2014

      Hi Noor! Barley Leaves don’t have any gluten in them so they are safe. It’s an amazing natural source of nutrients. Make sure that your flaxseed is milled and yes, replace fish oil with flaxseed oil. Very important!

  35. posted by Liz on January 9, 2015

    Hi Kim,
    I read with great interest in learning through you site, I find that medical only want to rule out other medical conditions rather than help with the things you are dealing with , I recently started a gym program only to have major muscle spasms after 5 weeks and then the left side of my face went numb followed shortly after by my left leg right up my tummy button, I am struggling to walk with out stumbling and falling backwards or forwards which ever my body decides to do!
    I keep positive and eat very much what you advise and cut out the things you say avoid. I hope this will pass soon , I am going to see neurologist soon but know that they just want to document what is happening rather than offer natural help.
    I will keep up my quest for good advice and help.
    Thank you for all your sharing of good things
    Liz :)

    • posted by Kim on January 18, 2015

      Hi Liz. Thanks for getting in touch and apologies for the delay in my response. It sounds like you are struggling through a relapse at the moment. Do you feel that you pushed your body too hard at gym? This can happen and you need to be careful to exercise gently. Exercise is very important though! I’m so glad that you are eating healthily and really changing your lifestyle. I’m sure this relapse will pass soon and you will be back to yourself. Lots of raw food, water and rest will help! Keep me updated on your progress! Kim

  36. posted by Debby on January 26, 2015

    Thanks for the great information Kim! Just wondering what your thoughts are on taking a multiple vitamin and antioxidants for RR MS?

    • posted by Kim on January 27, 2015

      Hi Debby! Thanks for the lovely comment. A multivitamin can’t hurt but often only a small proportion of the vitamins are actually absorbed. I prefer a bioavailable supplement like BarleyLife which has loads of vitamins in it and the enzymes to aid absorption. Pretty much all the goodness goes straight into the cells! I also prefer to take higher doses of the actual vitamins/antioxidants I need such as pure Vit D, B12, calcium and magnesium etc. I think your money is better spent this way. Does this help?

      • posted by Debby on January 28, 2015

        Thanks Kim!

  37. posted by Darlene Cameron on February 19, 2015

    Hi Kim! Wondering if Barley Grass is the same as the Barley you recommend??????

  38. posted by holly on April 10, 2015

    Hi Kim, we spoke a couple of weeks ago and I can’t find that email that stated that you took tumeric and something else but they were not listed in list of things that you take above….can I have those and doses PLEASE! Thank you!

    • posted by Kim on April 13, 2015

      Hi Holly! I also can’t find it. oh dear! The Turmeric is just 1-2 capsules per day. I just follow the guidance on the bottle. I have just started taking Rhodiola which amazing for overall brain function, memory and really helps you to cope with stress effectively. Could the other one have been glyconutrients – ambrotose?

  39. posted by Zjac on April 28, 2015

    Hi Kim,

    Have you ever researched Inosine? There were some very interesting studies and initial clinical trials performeda several years back. Big pharma then got involved and they stopped. Its never of any interest when a supplement reduces relapses.

    Inosine is a precursor to uric acid. Funnily enough UK researchers carried out a massive cross check and confirmed that there have never been MS patients with Gout, or vice versa.

    Also, Vitamin D. Again several studies, but you may be interested in researching Dr Ciceros Coimbras work. He is largely unheard of because emerging countries dont make the health headlines like the western countries do, and even less so when it seems that a high dose vitamin D protocol seems to be such an effective MS treatment, and in several cases has help reverse recent lesions.


  40. posted by Darlene Cameron on May 21, 2015

    Hi Kim!!! Hope all is great with you! I was diagnosed with MS last June after a large lesion on my C2 spinal cord. I have not started any meds for MS. Just trying to be very healthy, eating healthy, exercising, resting, etc. My MRI showed that the disease has remained stable. My doctor says he has a gut feeling that I should be on meds. Not sure what that means! but anyway, I do have one new small lesion, and the large lesion has pretty well resolved. The medication seems to be really pushed here in Canada. Just so much information out there, I am overwhelmed. I only work a couple shifts a week, so that gives me time to rest, and save my energy for my family. Thank God! I have followed you since my diagnosis, and really love your site!!!! You are awesome! Have a wonderful day!!!!

    • posted by Kim on May 23, 2015

      Hi Darlene, thanks for your lovely comment and for sharing your story! Whatever you are doing is working. Great that your MS is stable. To, me it doesn’t sound like you need the meds. You are creating a beautiful, healthy environment for your body to flourish and heal itself and I really wouldn’t want to upset that balance with drugs. The amount of info is overwhelming but before long you’ll have it honed down to everything you need to know and you will have tailor made your very own unique treatment plan. Sounds like you are well on your way! Have a great weekend. K

  41. posted by Carmen on August 24, 2015

    Kim could you tell me please how do you take this supliments? How many of each type do you take per day? How much mounth? Do make a break of its an so on..because I wanted to start order them and I need to know how many of each is neccesary.
    Thank you !have a great day!

    • posted by Kim on August 29, 2015

      Hi Carmen, If you look under each supplement, you will see the dose I take every day. It’s mostly just one or 2 capsules or 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil and BarleyLife. I really just follow the instructions given on each supplement. Go ahead and order them and if you have any questions about any of them, I’ll be happy to answer them. Kim

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