Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?

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I have been thinking about doing a detox fast for a while now as part of my MS diet. Fasting is a miracle worker because it allows the body to rest completely and redirect energy towards healing any problem areas. There are many types of fasting, some more extreme than others. I did a 5-day ‘water only’ fast once that was exceptionally difficult! Here are some reasons why you should also consider adding fasting to your MS diet.

Using Fasting For Good

It was after an three month trip around Europe about two years before I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had any early signs of MS. As my body rid itself of the toxins, resulting from delicious but unhealthy European food, I felt a variety of horrible symptoms. Nausea, weakness and feeling faint were the three main side effects. I suppose, it never feels great to dredge up years of toxin build up and send the foul smelling garbage into the blood stream and out of the body. I did feel fantastic afterwards though and experienced most of the benefits listed below. It was worth the pain!

The Benefits Of Fasting:

ms diet tip 1 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? General improvement in health

ms diet tip 2 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Glowing skin and eyes

ms diet tip 3 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Increased energy

ms diet tip 4 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Increased motivation

ms diet tip 5 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Improvement in MS symptoms

ms diet tip 6 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Slowing of disease progress if done regularly

ms diet tip 7 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet? Helps you return to a strict MS diet if you have been undisciplined

My First Raw Juice Fast

ms diet carrot juice Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?At this time in my life, I felt that I needed to do something less extreme but still very cleansing. After doing a bit of research, I decided that a raw juice fast was the way to go. There testimonies of people with MS who have seen incredible improvements after a juice fast. I only did the fast for five days, however, it still required a tremendous amount of determination and discipline. I have kept a diary to let you in on how each day went and how I felt.

Day One:

I’m super motivated about this juice fast. The research seems to suggest that it does miracles for MS symptoms and can really kick start a healing process in the body. I started my day with something familiar: carrot, apple and ginger juice. I often actually have this juice in place of something more substantial for dinner if I’m feeling like I need a cleanse or a recharge. The juice went down well and kept me going for around two hours but after that my stomach started growling a bit and I began to feel that a distinct longing for food. Time for another juice!

This time I was a bit more adventurous and decided to break out the green veggies. I juiced spinach, kale, cucumber, apples, carrots and a little ginger. I expected a bitter tasting, difficult to swallow concoction. But, to my surprise, it was refreshingly delicious! What’s more, I felt fantastic for a few hours afterwards. My head was clearer, I had more energy and I even felt a bit happier. I was amazed at how quickly it was working!

In the evening, my juice consisted of mango, apples, carrots and nectarines. Positively decadent! I loved every sweet, aromatic sip of that juice. It filled me up for a while and then those unhappy moans from my tummy started getting louder again. It was almost time for bed so I drank some water and ignored them and they did stop.

Day Two:

I woke up the next morning feeling pretty good. I wasn’t starving at all. However, the morning was busy and demanding and by the time I had taken my supplements and was ready to make my first juice of the day it was well over 9:30am. This really was too late and I was beginning to feel quite frantic with hunger and that horrible low blood sugar feeling. I juiced some apples and carrots quickly and got some raw juice into my system. It worked quickly to to give me the energy and focus I needed to carry on with my day.

Lunch was another green juice which had the same effect as yesterday. I was enjoying the clean, energetic feeling it left me with. Throughout the afternoon, I began to wane and really needed a quick pick me up. I quickly diluted some boxed 100% grape juice (not from concentrate) and hoped it would get me through to a less busy time where I could make my next Juice. This was not the ideal juice to drink as it definitely wasn’t raw or as fresh as newly extracted juice but I think it was ok under the circumstances. Dinner was another beautiful mango, nectarine, apple and carrot juice. I just LOVE these!

Day Three:

Definitely my toughest day yet! Well, it started off badly but got progressively better throughout the day. I felt a bit weak and really hungry in the morning. It’s also difficult to think of juicing when you have a really busy day. You only get down to making your ‘meal’ when you are already faint with hunger and your blood sugar levels are plummeting.

ms diet celery juice Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?I did get through it and as I said, it did get a lot easier in the second half of the day. This was especially after I had downed my spinach and kale juice. I began to feel the energy creeping back. My head was clear and I felt ‘oh so’ healthy!

It was also very motivating to know that I was over halfway to the finish line and that I had actually remained disciplined and committed to this plan for three whole days! Only after 3 days, does your body really start to benefit from the fast – this is when the magic really starts to kick in.

Day Four:

Another successful day. I was getting into the swing of things. I felt so good that the thought of eating like this permanently even crossed my mind. A tad too ambitious but I liked my motivated attitude. I did have a few desperate moments when I was so hungry I couldn’t even think. However, as soon as that life giving, cell nourishing liquid hit my stomach, I was back on my juice high!

Day Five:

As the last day of the juice fast dawned, I awoke feeling well rested and ready for the day. I juiced my carrot, apple and ginger and let it nourish my body. To be honest, I was getting quite hungry and my cravings for solid food were returning with a vengeance. I decided, after my lunch time juice, that I would break the fast that night with some steamed vegetables. Those veggies did taste great but, to tell you the truth, I actually missed that beautiful mango and nectarine juice.

The Following Week

We went away this week to a beautiful and tranquil part of the UK called, The New Forest. It turned out to be the perfect place to test out the results of the fast. Although I was now back on my solid food MS diet, I could still feel the effects of the juice fast.

There was no trace of fatigue. I felt so alive. As a mother of two young children, I often feel drained and overworked but I felt as if I had enough energy to play with the kids, feed us all, clean up afterwards and not feel grouchy about it. I am 100% certain that the juice fast is the reason for this new found energy.

I’m overjoyed with the results!

I have also noticed an improvement in my MS symptoms. My left hand and leg feel a little less stiff and I think the numbness from a recent relapse is receding. I do feel as if my cells have received a deep clean and are now sparkling. In addition, it renewed my commitment to my MS Diet. After going through so much effort to cleanse my body, I certainly did not want to be making it dirty and toxic again. I’m overjoyed with the results from this fast and I’m keen to do it again soon as part of my MS diet. I have read that the body won’t get rid of all the toxins during only one fast. It takes at least two years of on and off fasting for the body to cleanse itself of the build up of toxins, so sticking to your MS diet is vital over the medium to long term.

I highly recommend that you give this a try and plan it into your MS diet every couple months at least. Get yourself a juicer and a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to juice. Pick a week that you think will work well for committing to a juicing plan and then go for it! Take a look at the raw juice ideas and recipes to get motivated!

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kimsignature Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?

PS: If you need help with MS diet meal plans, recipes, fasting guides, or even one-on-one coaching, please visit the Resources page. Our new MS Diet For Women Community is also growing quickly, we'd love you to join us and get the support you need!

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Kim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in October 2010. She is in her thirties, married and has two beautiful children. Kim is passionate about helping others with MS by sharing what she learns about the disease with her fellow MS sufferers. She loves to discover new recipes that are both tasty and help to treat her condition. She is currently living a normal life - her mission is to help others do the same. Read more about Kim...
Kim avatar 64x64 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?
Kim avatar 64x64 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?
Kim avatar 64x64 Why Include Fasting In Your MS Diet?
Over the years I have developed many tools I use to help me keep living well, slow my MS progression and reduce my MS symptoms. I am confident in them, because they work for me… in fact, if I didn’t have MS, I would still live this way. You can get MS diet meal plans, recipes, fasting guides, or even one-on-one coaching on the Resources page.

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  1. posted by Kathy on December 30, 2012

    I am going to go to the market & get what I need to start my first 3 juice day fast. After I shovel out my car………..Maybe I should walk? Hummm…. decisions, decisions, decisions………….

    • posted by Kim on December 30, 2012

      Thats wonderful Kathy! I’m sure you will feel great after! Shovelling is also exercise! Haha.

    • posted by April Catchings on March 14, 2013

      Hi Kathy,

      This is an awesome diet. I started a few weeks ago. I feel great. I have more energy and am starting my garden this week. I also lost 30 pounds! The juice works!

      • posted by Kim on March 14, 2013

        Wonderful April! Well done!

  2. posted by Jennifer Knorr on February 20, 2013

    Hi Kim,

    I had a question about the Mango. I am new to eating it and was Crushed when I read on here about Some beans and mangos that they my be Actually bad for u. Sense then I have stopped eating both witch Makes me very sad lol being on such a Limited diet as it is.

    So I was thinking on doing this and giving it a go not only for the ms but I do feel I have Leaking gut syndrome going on. Last August I had my Gallbladder takin out and I have to say yes my belly feels a lot better. But I still fine myself in pain so hoping something like this would help.

    But how did u Handle the mango?

    • posted by Kim on February 22, 2013

      Hi Jennifer! There is nothing I like more than diving head first into a juicy, sweet, ripe mango. I have been fine with mangoes in the past. I actually haven’t had one in a while because they are not really in season but I will be editing them again soon.

      Mangoes are very slightly inflammatory so when balanced by a whole lot of inflammatory foods, the effect will be quite negligible. I probably wouldn’t have more than 1 a day though.

      Maybe stay off them for a while until your tummy feels really good again but then I think you can still include a mango every now and then. Just see how it affects you. Stay well!

    • posted by Jennifer Knorr on February 23, 2013

      Hi Kim

      I will try that and thank u :) also what about cellophane bean thread noodles ? They r made from mung bean starch and r a gluten free. Also pad Thai rice stick noodles and they r made from rice flour ?

      Ty and I look fwd to read what u think.


      • posted by Kim on February 24, 2013

        Hi Jennfier

        Thanks for getting in touch about these foods. It sounds like mung beans are legumes so probably best to avoid these. The rice noodles are perfect though. I need to find some of those for myself! I used to eat them ages ago and just stopped buying them for some reason. Thanks for reminding me.

        Hope you are well and have a great week!

  3. posted by Heather on May 9, 2013

    Hi Kim (you amazing inspiration, you!),

    I LOVE juicing and although I haven’t done a fast for awhile (bad me) I do try to juice every single day. I attribute my great energy to that and my highly raw diet.

    I just wanted to mention that it’s important to juice organic produce. I can’t imagine the repercussions of drinking concentrated RoundUp and other pesticides regularly!

    Blessings, hon and thanks for all that you do!

    ~ Heather

    • posted by Kim on May 11, 2013

      Hi Heather
      Thank you for your very kind words! I’m so glad that you are into your juicing. Juicing is a beautiful thing! I’m also due for another juice fast. What I often actually do is only drink juice until 1pm in the day and so extend the healing and rebuilding that my body does at night. This works well in between proper fasts. Yes, organic produce is so important! It is also so much more delicious than other fruit and veg. What is your favourite combination?

      • posted by Heather on May 12, 2013

        Oh my goodness… let me see… I love carrot/apple/ginger and my other standby is kale/ginger/lemon/apple. I also enjoy beet/carrot/spinach/celery/apple!

        Thank-you for the suggestion for timing. I will follow your lead. Alas, despite (by some standards) my herculean efforts, I’m still in need of some serious healing. My quest is far from over in beating this – but my faith is strong and my determination iron-clad!



      • posted by Kim on May 13, 2013

        Very good combinations! Yum!

        I’m actually doing a juice fast over the next four days. You can read about it each day on Facebook if you are interested.

        Keep up the great work!

  4. posted by Bonnie gorski on June 8, 2013

    I would like to do this 5 day detox, however I would like to use my Nutrabullet instead of a juicer. This is a powerful blender that liquefies whole foods so you get then benefits of all the fruits and veggies, not just the juice. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Just wondering if people think its ok to use this machine in place of a juicer. I would really appreciate some input. Thanks so much!

    • posted by Kim on June 9, 2013

      Hi Bonnie, that sounds great! Your Nutrabullet will work well. Juicing is also beneficial because the nutrients can find their way into your cells a lot more quickly than when they are digested with fibre. It also gives your stomach a break from digestion which is good for detoxing. Give your blender a try, I’m sure it is going to work fine!

  5. posted by Lesley on December 1, 2013

    I’m so glad Bonnie posted this. I have just purchased a Vitamix so I can get really serious about following this diet (thanks So much Kim). Would a Vitamix be sufficient, in the way a Nutribullet is, or will I still need a juicer? (This vitamix just pulverises the ingredients, even grinding down nuts into pastes etc) but I’m not sure if it does the same thing as the bullet. Thanks so much!!

    • posted by Kim on December 5, 2013

      Hi Lesley! The Vitamix is fantastic. If you have this, you are set. You may want to invest in a juicer at some stage. These machines only extract the juice of the fruit and veg. Very nutritious!

      • posted by Lesley on December 5, 2013

        Thanks Kim! I’ve already been making almost every meal in it, and am making plans to juice cleanse soon! I noticed the prices of juicers vary wildly from very cheap upwards. Roughy how much should I spend on a juicer?

      • posted by Kim on January 7, 2014

        Hi Lesley! How is the Vitamix going? Still loving it I’m sure. I spent about £150 on my Phillips Avance but you can spend less and still get a good one. I’m sure it’s much cheaper if you live in the USA. Happy new year to you!

  6. posted by Lesley on January 25, 2014

    The vitamix is fab! I’ve been using it twice a day, every day and I can’t think how I managed without it! I’ve found a great website with lots of MS diet friendly recipes, sweet and savoury (veg based). May I ask which brand of Stevia you use? I’m struggling to find a pure one without chemicals sweeteners added. Thanks for the juicer advice, I’m going to make a purchase soon.

    • posted by Kim on February 10, 2014

      Hi Lesley! I’m so glad you are enjoying your vitamix!I use a brand of stevia called Nature’s Garden. Seems all natural and pretty good. How is the diet going? Are you feeling better?

  7. posted by Carmen on August 19, 2015

    Hello Kim , thank you for all you advices, I tried your fast juice and yes, my energy levels are grown.Please tell me if you know what can I do to get rid of muscle spasms? I don t want to take the pills which recommended my doctor, because it have adverse reaction. Also what do you take or do when you have numbness, it is not so strong to go for pills but they are there and upset me.
    Sorry for my English, but I am from Romania..
    Have a nice day!

    • posted by Kim on August 29, 2015

      That’s wonderful Carmen! Do you take magnesium and calcium? This might help the muscle spasms. Glad to meet someone from Romania!

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